Herbalist + Healer Meet Up

Sarah Ashley Baxendell

Posted on November 05 2016

On October 12th over 30 women joined Corner Alchemy Apothecary at our new stockist, Black Forge Coffee House, for the first Herbalist + Healer Meet Up!! We were so grateful to meet so many friendly faces, to watch women meet each other, tears coming down some faces, finding a little piece of home in another. We were elated at the diversity of experience - new comers, midwives, doulas, shaman, herbalists, product makers, teachers, witches, wise women, mama, crystal healers, jewelry makers, marketers, and more.

Pittsburgh, we are blessed at the diversity of amazing individuals with skills, talents, and experience in healing and herbalism. Stay tuned for some updates from the women who attended on our Instagram page.

For all those who did not have the opportunity to attend, please keep your eyes on this new Facebook Group, the Pittsburgh Herbalist and Healer Meetup for our next events! All events hosted by Corner Alchemy Apothecary will be located on our website - Events Page, as well as featured on our Instagram and Facebook


herbalist and healer meet up pittsburgh


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