Featured Product Review :: Mellow Midnight

Sarah Ashley Baxendell

Posted on July 26 2016

This product review was written by Jackie Libby. It is re-printed here with her permission.


"I just discovered the most tantalizing herbal medicines that my friend Sarah Ashley Baxendell makes at Corner Alchemy Apothecary ( http://corneralchemy.com/ ). They are concentrated liquid herbal extractions. (Which I like dropping into an ice cold glass of water, especially nice on a hot summer day.) In general I am skeptical of alternative medicine, but I have tried eight of her tinctures now, and they each have a profound physical and mental effect on me. Somewhere in between an advil and a prozac, with every variation in between  And even if you're still skeptical, just put one in an alcoholic beverage for god sakes and call it a day. I want to tell you about all of the tinctures I've tried, but each one deserves it's own post, so this post will be about just one of the them: Mellow Midnight. First I will give an introduction to my ritual for drinking these tinctures in general, and then I will follow with a description of Mellow Midnight. One paragraph for each, respectively.

As for the way that I drink the tinctures: ten drops are put into a small glass of cold water. Water that has been chilled in the refrigerator, sitting still, has a crystaline structure that can be plucked like a guitar string. The tincture plucks it as it is dropped in; the molecules of the tincture quite literally vibrating against the molecules of the water. And then when you sip it, you can feel the vibration on your tongue. Somewhere in between a taste and a resonance. And less is more with the vibrations of the plant world. And so a butterfly starts a distant tsunami in my mind. And so I am introduced to the essences of the plant world.

As for the specific tincture, Mellow Midnight: its indication is for calming the nerves. It's an anti-anxiety medicine. If I'm having a day where I am already full of energy, its effects are not noticed immediately. But if I'm having a groggy day, it quickly puts me into a trance-like state, while still keeping me very awake. It is as if the grogginess, which normally would be followed by an unrestful nap, is replaced by a physically mellow but focused wakeful consciousness. In general, I have been in a calm, low-anxiety state for the past four days, ever since I discovered this medicine. It is a blend of Lavendar, Lemon Balm, Burdock Root, Dandelion root, and Eleuthero. Lavendar and Lemon Balm help calm the nervous system, while Burdock and Dandelion detoxify the stress chemicals in your body, and Eluthero gives you energy.

That's all for now folks. Stay tuned for the next episode which will involve me in a bathtub as well as a tale of how I transmuted a chord from a past heartbreak into this new ritual I am documenting to you."


Thank you, Jackie Libby for your thoughtful review of our handcrafted herbal elixirs.

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