Herbal Syrups, Heading to Wickerman

Sarah Ashley Baxendell

Posted on May 30 2016

Herbal Elixirs - Bat Country Bar - Corner Alchemy Apothecary

Before anyone knew about Corner Alchemy Apothecary, it was something I quietly did in my home, on a work bench nestled in a hallway that only had enough room for me to stand. I would hide in my office, and dream up recipes.

And then, last summer, on a whim, I was offered a spare ticket to the Burning Man regional event Transformus near Asheville, North Carolina. In three days I had whipped up 5 of the formulas that are now some of the most popular Corner Alchemy Apothecary products. Over 8 hours, I slaved across the stove, mixing herbs and making teas, decocting down for syrups, and spicing up with tinctures. It smelled amazing, it smelled weird, at one point it smelled awful. (Too many concoctions at once is a recipe for a kitchen head-ache).

I arrived at Transformus, with my five 1 liter bottles of elixirs in tow, not sure where I was going, but someone was going to let me serve at their bar.

Herbal Elixirs - Bat Country Bar - Corner Alchemy Apothecary


I was terrified. I had never let anyone touch or taste my creations who didn't know me dearly. But, I got up the courage, and I made my magic known.


Herbal Elixirs - Bat Country Bar - Corner Alchemy Apothecary

Thanks to the beloved Bat Country Bar, my elixirs were served as the effigy was burnt. Put upon the bar during the great burning down, I watched, elated, shocked, as one by one, by elixirs were poured. One by one, folks came back for more. In 20 minutes, my living art installation was drunk, down to the last drop. They were even kind enough to let me pour the last few drinks, up, on the mobile bar, a lady, shocked and elated at the outcome. 

Thank you, Bat Country, for believing that what I had in those hand decorated bottles was something more than nothing. That evening was the start of the Corner Alchemy Apothecary truly coming to life. We will always make you elixirs for your bars! 

Flash forward to today - I am now not terrified to admit I created these recipes, these labels designed and printed by my hands. I now, am willing to detail each plant, each formula, each benefit to whomever's curiosity brings them my way. As our brand is growing and growing, our collaborations showing, I give thanks that so many hands have taken home our medicines, so many hearts have said yes to their own healing.

This year!
We will be popping-up at the Priority 5 Camp at Wickerman, with some very special offerings.

First, Corner Alchemy Apothecary is hosting a very special un-bitters bar, where folks can come and try our elixirs, mix them in their cocktails, and play alchemist with mix and match herbal elixirs. 

Un-Bitters Bar - Corner Alchemy Apothecary

Second, Corner Alchemy Apothecary has made three very unique and beloved Herbal Syrups for our craft cocktail bar.

(1) Elderberry + Lavender + Burdock + Honey

(2) Lemon Balm + Bee Balm + Thai Basil + Sage + Honeysuckle + Honey

(3) Deep Red Rose Petals + Honey


Herbal Syrups - Corner Alchemy Apothecary - Wickerman

Come visit us at Priority 5, and taste-test all our elixirs, syrups, and herbal creations.

And together, we can re-enchant the world!

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